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Bereavement Advice & Probate - Practical Help

Loss of a family member or friend is probably one of the most challenging experiences in life. In addition to the emotional fall out, there are also the practical and financial matters to address. Foresight Estate Planning provide a free telephone helpline for bereaved people to access information and advice about all the practical issues that arise after the death of someone close. Our highly experienced and empathetic probate team are trained to manage your call and can answer your questions about:

  • What to do first after someone dies
  • Registering the death
  • Finding a funeral director
  • Estate administration including inheritance tax advice

We can help you understand whether or not you will need to obtain probate to deal with money and property of the person who has died and what is involved.

If probate is needed for the estate, there is additional support available to guide executors and next of kin through your choices for estate administration and probate process. We will help you choose the most appropriate service for your personal circumstances and the estate you are responsible for including a service that can take care of everything for you; or give you help with the essential legal steps; or help you take responsibility for all of the probate process yourself. .

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